GlennGButlerGolf will help you position your mind and your game for success!

 Point Roberts Golf Course


By moving in sequence we can reduce injuries, produce effortless swings gaining energy as we play, enjoying the course and all the challenges the game provides.   What fun! 

About Me

My professional mission is to mentor and inspire others through the game of golf. By witnessing and utilizing my teachings to elevate their games we find the joy within.  This fulfills me and feeds my purpose. Who would have thunk.
Career Highlights
  • Played on the Asia Tour.  In the USA played tournaments on The Golden State Tour, The King Solomon Tour and The Desert Tour. 
  • Was a member of the EPD Tour playing in Germany France and Switzerland and the Hi 5 Tour playing in Spain. 
  • Teaching Influences: Started teaching under Head Professional Mel White at Seymour golf and country club as a CPGA assistant.  Took a teaching certification program under PGA professional Mike Lyons and worked for 5 years with Taronne Atley class A LPGA head professional.  Some of the many coaches who have influenced me include Jack Westover Bill Mcwhinney and Jimmy Ballard. 

Some of my fun accomplishments and activities. Have had 7 holes in one low score 63 created Butlers Bug a fly pattern aimed at catching large trout. For fitness am enjoying yoga and meditation. 

My Program

My coaching includes weekly rounds of golf for some "real life" golf at a great local golf course.  Be part of a fun group of students.


"After having knee surgery, I came to Glenn with a specific goal of breaking 80. At the time I was shooting in the 90s.with his patience and encouragement,we embarked on a swing change. Through weeks of this painful process,his positive enthusiasm shaped a new vision for me.He challenged me to see the game differently-to think it differently.During the process,I have gained a renewed passion and appreciation for the game and rediscover the joy that this game can bring. There have been many lessons along the way-both about golf and life. I still have a great deal to learn, but within a year of changing my swing, I shot my first 79.Who knows where the quest for excellence will lead. Can Glenn help your golf game? That my friend is up to you." 

Dr Susan Lu

"From Scotland to Canada, I have had instruction before in the art of golf but no one has come close to the expertise of Glenn Butler. Glenn has quiet form of individual instruction which is absorbed. Each is given a defined approach and direction always encouraging never negative."

Professor Georg Beagrie, Dean Emeritus Faculty of Dentistry, UBC

"Ever since I started with golf I have had lessons. For me this has been important-there is no better way to get consistently better at the game. Remember that every golf pro has a golf coach, and I don't think i am better than someone who plays golf for a living.

The reason I highly recommend Glenn to anyone who seeks to improve his golf game,is his unique approach. Until I started working with Glenn, every golf pro I worked with forced me to learn his style of swing. Glenn is the only one that I have come across that can teach you a swing that best suits you based on your level, body style and strength.

I also like the fact that you get to go out and play a round of golf with him every now and then. Hitting balls on the range, isn't the same. When you are out with Glenn, he'll observe you and in subsequent lessons he uses the insight gained from your game to personalize his coaching more to you. He is an amazing golf professional, and you'll have a great time with him. If you want to improve your fame and have more fun with it, you can't find a better coach than Glenn. Do yourself a favour and call him now!"

Leon Van der Poel

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